Dance shoe advice

So you want to buy dance shoes!? Congratulations! You are about to invest in your dancing and let me tell you this - this gift just keeps on giving. Unless you are a teacher, a good pair of dance shoes can last for years. Yes, years! So just do it and enjoy. You’ll never regret it.

Dance shoes come in many styles and colors. I will give you advice on buying your first pair. Dance shoes should be comfortable, practical and fabulous. Some things you should know:

Soles are essential. Suede soles provide the right combination of grip and slide, making your turns seem flawless. Rubber sneaker-like soles can stick to the floor and cause knee injuries. Dance shoes have soles that are thinner than normal shoes for more contact and control. Most dancing shoes have a steel shank for support and the shoe material isflexible and lightweight.

Take care of your shoes. Do not wear you shoes out on the street. A dance bag is usually included with in your shoe purchase so get into the habit of putting the shoes back into the back when you are finished dancing. Dirt and salt from outdoors will get trapped in the suede and corrode the sole. Invest in a metal brush and scrub the suede when needed.

First pair - try it on. Go into a local store like Worldtone in Manhattan or Salsa Sexxy in Bloomfield, NJ and try on a bunch of different shoes. Put them on and dance a little; do some spins. The shoe should feel like a glove on your foot (a tight glove!). Once you know the size and style you like, you can start buying on-line. Many companies have free shipping and/or good return policies. More info.

There’s a reason people are not buying that shoe!

When ordering, make sure you order your U.S. size. You must convert if ordering from another country.