Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! It's time to DANCE

Sign-up for the Beginner Bootcamp (Level 1). This is the best place to start if you have never been to a dance class before. You will learn the foundation steps and turns of Merengue, Bachata and Salsa.

The bootcamp is a 3-week program ($39). First class at the studio is always a FREE trial which means you only pay if you like it and come back.

You can also take private lessons ($115) and jump-start your dancing. This is suggested if you want to catch up to an existing class, plan a performance dance (i.e.wedding), or you simply prefer to learn one-one-one.

Social dancing is dancing done in a social manner, particularly when we go out socially to clubs, restaurants, parties, etc. It can be done solo or with a partner. Small steps and small-space usage is best for social dancing because socially, there is usually a small dance-floor filled with many people. This is a main difference with ballroom dancing, taught to look big and grand, and tends to travel around the room, be more flamboyant and theatrical. Ballroom dancing is great for choreography/performance, while social dancing is great for going out and having fun.

Social dances are the most popular dances and usually correspond to the most popular dance music such as rock and roll, club/disco, romantic ballads and of course Latin music!

According to the rhythm in the music, we can pick the most popular and social dances: Swing, Hustle, Cha-cha, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Rumba. As beautiful as the Viennese Waltz might be, you will not have many opportunities to actually dance it.

In the group classes, you learn the most popular Latin dances: Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. If you want to learn a specialty dance like Tango, private lessons are encouraged.

I teach a man about leading and all the little tricks he can use to guide the woman’s movements. I teach the woman how to release some of her control and be attentive to the man’s signals (following).
Instead of memorizing rountines, I teach my students to understand the basic elements and make their own fun patterns. This way everyone can relax and have more fun!

1. This is a Latin Social Dance School for adults ONLY. Most classes will focus on Salsa, Merengue and Bachata - the most popular Latin dances. Most other schools are either strictly Salsa or Swing/Hustle while the big franchised schools are all ballroom studios and will teach 6 - 12 dances simultaneously. Here we focus on teaching people to have fun and learn to dance for enjoyment, rather than performance or competition dancing.

2. Small classes, affordable prices, personal attention -- a big studio service with a small studio feel.

3. There are no contacts. You come because you are having a good time and feeling progress.

4. All classes are closed to the public. Your class will consist of students who are on the same level. This way, everyone is learning and feeling challenged -- always!

5. Your first class is always a FREE trial. This means you only pay for your first class if you liked it and you come back.

6. Beginner Bootcamp program is just three weeks. This way you can check out my teaching methods before committing to the full class. Basically, a great pressure-free way to try dancing for the first time.

7. I encourage my students to dance and learn to dance anywhere and everywhere. Taking classes with other instructors, local dance socials, styling classes at another dance school is GREAT! As long as you are dancing!

This is the most common fear with beginners, mostly with male students. Lets just say this - if you can walk then you can learn to dance. Just remember, I am really good at what I do!

If you have doubts about going to a group class, start with some individual lessons first. Once you feel more confident in your abilities, we can start taking some group classes and going to dance parties. Baby steps are better than no steps.

As I always say “Yes You CAN Dance.”

Taking group classes is a fun and social way to learn to dance, and also it's cheaper. The group environment has many additional benefits.
• Switching partners is a great teaching tool all instructors use to improve leading and following.
• We learn how to dance in the real world because we are reminded to take smaller steps and watch out for other people on the dance floor.
• It’s a great way to meet other people who love to dance. This is a wonderful way to exchange information about favorite dance spots and meet people who want to go out dancing in the future.

The answer is yes, you can take private lesson only. I suggest private lessons to those who are preparing for a performance or specific event (i.e. wedding dance, performance) For everyone else, I suggest a private class for every 3-4 group classes - a great opportunity to work on the fine details of styling and body movement.

Smart but comfortable "going-out" clothes are fine. They should be of fairly thin material because you will probably get hot, and natural fibers are better than nylon or polyester. Women should check that what they are planning to wear will stay on securely and comfortably when they are dancing energetically, without the need for constant adjustment. And also, beware of prickly jewelry on hands and wrists.

Shoes should be smooth-soled to enable you to spin easily; leather-soled shoes are best for this but synthetic soles are ok as long as they don't have too much grip. Ordinary sneakers are not good for dancing because the grip of the soles can put a lot of strain on your knees as you try to spin. Special "dance shoes" are available which you might want to consider if you become a regular dancer.

If you are looking to invest in a pair of dance shoes - JOY!!!!! Here’s a blog I wrote to help you out: Dance Shoes!

Beginners: 3-Week Bootcamp $39; Single class $15

Group: 6-Week Group Class Special $90 (6 classes); Single class $20

Private: 6-Week Package $105/Private Session (6-sessions Paid in Full); Single Private-session $115

Dance Parties are $20 in advance; $30 at the door.

Gift-Special-Package includes 2 Private Lessons & 1 Group Course ($215/single and $240/couple)

You don’t have to worry too much about “fitting in“ when you come to class or go out dancing. Many different types of people go, with an age-range from mid-twenties to sixties and beyond. The only requirement is a reasonable level of basic fitness.

You do not need to bring a partner to learn to dance. If you have a life partner at home, do motivate them to come and learn with you. This way, the both of you can enjoy learning something new together and be able to dance when there is an opportunity!

I would estimate that half of my students come without a partner.

Paramus NJ: 49 E Midland Avenue at Mariann's School of Dance

Teaneck NJ: 319 Queen Anne Road at Dancing on the Edge Studio

Manhattan NY: 1261 Broadway Suite 309 at NY Wedding Dance

Dumont NJ (Parties only): 205 Prospect Ave. at the Firehouse

Check Schedule of Classes and come to the next Party!